Imagine being able to achieve the perfect mental state to make your best possible swing over every shot - stepping up fearlessly, with an inner calm that allows you to play great golf every time you stand over the ball.
Too often golfers concentrate all their efforts on technique, in the belief that it is only the mechanics of the game they need to master. Instead, using easy-to-follow exercises and inspiring examples drawn from the lives of golf’s greatest players, Robin’s approach focuses on developing the single most neglected, least understood, but ultimately decisive dimension of the game: mental strength.
A practical, jargon-free guide to mental conditioning that will enable any golfer, whether weekend hacker or full-time professional, to understand the dynamics crucial to getting into the ‘zone’, Silent Mind Golfreveals how to empty your mind and play golf instinctively.


The putt is one of the most crucial shots in the game of golf. It is also one of the most highly pressured – all players know that it is on the putting green that matches are won and lost.
In this book, the third in his acclaimed series on the mental game of golf, peak performance guru Robin Sieger dispels the fear that surrounds putting and shows how his intuitive silent mind approach can be used to improve our performance on the greens.
Drawing on the stories of players both amateur and professional, Robin explores how poor putts are often rooted in low expectations and the memory of past errors, rather than problems of technique. In response, he offers immediate practical strategies for developing that most decisive yet underappreciated ingredient of sporting success: mental mastery.
From the weekend 24 handicapper to the major-winning professional, nerveless, perfect putting remains the golfer’s Holy Grail. With a silent mind we can all putt like we never miss.


Whether amateur or Tour professional, every golfer will experience that crucial moment when victory hinges on just one shot. Make it, they win; blow it and they will re-live the memory on the golf course for years to come. They have arrived at their personal ‘moment of truth’. The question is: can they do it?

The follow-up to his successful Silent Mind Golf, and second in a major new four-book series, this new title sees Robin Sieger explore the concept of ‘choking’ and apply his easy-to-grasp mental conditioning techniques to help golfers at all levels perform under pressure. 

Using examples taken from the careers of the game’s greatest players, as well as case studies drawn from other sports and walks of life, Robin demystifies the psychological secrets of how to perform well at critical moments, and demonstrates how understanding the ‘choke point’ enables us to conquer it.


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