The one to one is for those who are very serious about making a significant step change in their game and therefore, are prepared to work on an on going basis. The first stage is a telephone or face to face meeting, followed shortly thereafter by a half day coaching session, where the goals and regime for the individual involved are agreed. The regular follow ups will usually be over the phone, with the exception of tournament professionals where if geographically possible it will be face to face.


A masterclass with Robin Sieger (2 hours to 4 hours), is a combination of theory and practice. Designed for small groups it is the single most impactful learning experience, introducing the critical do’s and don’ts of mental conditioning for peak performance on the golf course. This is ideal for a club or corporate golf event. The event is an introduction to the major aspects of managing mental conditioning to improve physical performance, so the lesson learnt can be applied both on and off the golf course.


Robin has 20 years of experience at the highest level connecting with management teams and business executives, as a main platform keynote speaker around the world (for more detailed info go to His highly engaging presentations are noted for their content, inspiration and humour. He has spoken to over 110 of the Fortune 200 companies, and is now able to offer a talk and clinic during a corporate golf day experience with groups. He uses many of the principles he has written about over the past 20 years, which served as the basis for Silent Mind Golf.

At the heart of Silent Mind Golf is the key principle that to perform at our best, we need to be free from negative emotional stress (fear) and fully present in the moment (mindful). These principles apply to all aspects of life, where minimising nervous tension will reduce poor performance (especially) under pressure.