In any field of sport, business and life in general there are those that are acknowledged as the experts’ expert; those who have been validated by their peers and recognised for being the ‘go to’ person.

Ask a doctor who they would want to operate on their heart and you will hear the same names repeated. Ask a golfer who they would choose to take a six foot putt if their life depended upon it and again the same few players names would be repeated over and over. In the world of keynote speaking Robin has earned the same honour as being regarded as one of the very best.

A natural communicator, his gift is the ability to connect not only intellectually but also emotionally with audiences from the shop floor all the way to the C- Suite. He has consistently received the highest ratings from many of the world’s largest and most successful businesses.

He understands the investment of time and money that companies make in the organisation and execution of their conferences and the importance of not only understanding a company’s challenges but also giving information that is relevant and actionable.

Robin’s approach is to listen to the client and the challenges they are facing and then collaborate with the client to determine the key takeaway from his presentation. He has long understood that you cannot motivate anyone to do anything they do not want to do and what he has always sought to do is to make the changes that people instinctively fear, very approachable and achievable. As he puts it: “I blow away the fog that spoils the view, so the signposts and the road ahead becomes less intimidating, and help remind people of new possibilities”.

Robin is also the author of a number of personal development books including the international best seller Natural Born Winners (Random House).



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